New special issue announced

New ITcon special issue "Next Generation ICT- How distant is ubiquitous computing?" announced.

The major themes focused on ubiquitous computing for this special issue include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Twins
  • Internet of Things
  • BIM and Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality
  • Robotics
  • Advanced ICT for information modeling, analysis and prediction

Editorial Team:

  • Kirti Ruikar, Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Loughborough University, UK.
  • Ketan Kotecha, Director, SIT; Director, Symbiosis Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (SCAAI); Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Symbiosis International (Deemed University), India.
  • Sayali Sandbhor, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department, Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT), India.
  • Albert Thomas, Civil Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IITB), India.

Key dates:

  • Paper submission deadline: 15th January 2021
  • Final paper acceptance: 1st April 2021
  • Author proofs: 1st May 2021
  • Final date of special issue online publication: 1st June 2021


Short introduction to ITcon

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The copyright of the articles remains with the authors, from the start of 2009 using the Creative Commons standard licence.

Recently published papers

October 2020 Hare B, Kumar B, Campbell J
Impact of a multi-media digital tool on identifying construction hazards under the UK construction design and management regulations
ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 482-499, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2020.028
October 2020 Rogage K, Greenwood D
Data transfer between digital models of built assets and their operation & maintenance systems
ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 469-481, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2020.027
September 2020 Ilhan Jones B
A study of Building Information Modeling (BIM) uptake and proposed evaluation framework
ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 452-468, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2020.026
September 2020 Chen K
Enhancing construction safety management through edge computing: framework and scenarios
ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 438-451, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2020.025
September 2020 Perrier N, Bled A, Bourgault M, Cousin N, Danjou C, Pellerin R, Roland T
Construction 4.0: a survey of research trends
ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 416-437, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2020.024
August 2020 Novembri G, Rossini F L
Swarm modelling framework to improve design support systems capabilities
ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 398-415, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2020.023
July 2020 Tallgren M V, Roupé M, Johansson M, Bosch-Sijtsema P
BIM-tool development enhancing collaborative scheduling for pre-construction
ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 374-397, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2020.022
July 2020 Huang Q, Hao K
Development of CNN-based visual recognition air conditioner for smart buildings
ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 361-373, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2020.021
June 2020 Shalabi F, Turkan Y
BIM–energy simulation approach for detecting building spaces with faults and problematic behavior
ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 342-360, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2020.020
June 2020 Maali O, Lines B, Smithwick J, Hurtado K, Sullivan K
Change management practices for adopting new technologies in the design and construction industry
ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 325-341, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2020.019