Short introduction to ITcon

The Journal of Information Technology in Construction (ITcon) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal on the use of IT in architecture, civil engineering and facility management. ITcon articles are submitted and published electronically only. The Journal is committed to minimizing publication delays, and to promoting maximum flexibility in the ways that readers use the journal for teaching, research, and scholarship while maintaining strict peer-review standards.

Journal of Information Technology in Construction is an Open Access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of Open Access.

The copyright of the articles remains with the authors, from the start of 2009 using the Creative Commons standard licence.

Recently published papers

November 2021 Habte B, Guyo E
Application of BIM for structural engineering: a case study using Revit and customary structural analysis and design software
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 1009-1022, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2021.053
November 2021 Abbasnejad B, Nepal M P, Mirhosseini S A, Moud H I, Ahankoob A
Modelling the key enablers of organizational building information modelling (BIM) implementation: An interpretive structural modelling (ISM) approach
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 974-1008, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2021.052
November 2021 Chowdhury M, Hosseini M R, Martek I, Edwards D J, Wang J
The effectiveness of web-based technology platforms in facilitating construction project collaboration: a qualitative analysis of 1,152 user reviews
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 953-973, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2021.051
November 2021 Gonsalves N J, Ogunseiju O R, Akanmu A A, Nnaji C A
Assessment of a passive wearable robot for reducing low back disorders during rebar work
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 936-952, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2021.050
November 2021 Dalui P, Elghaish F, Brooks T, McIlwaine S
Integrated Project Delivery with BIM: A Methodical Approach Within the UK Consulting Sector
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 922-935, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2021.049
November 2021 Khanna M, Elghaish F, McIlwaine S, Brooks T
Feasibility of implementing IPD approach for infrastructure projects in developing countries
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 902-921, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2021.048
November 2021 Shojaei A, Rokooei S, Mahdavian A, Carson L, Ford G
Using immersive video technology for construction management content delivery: a pilot study
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 886-901, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2021.047
November 2021 Ogunseiju O O, Akanmu A A, Bairaktarova D
Mixed reality based environment for learning sensing technology applications in construction
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 863-885, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2021.046
November 2021 Al-Sehrawy R, Kumar B, Watson R
A digital twin uses classification system for urban planning & city infrastructure management
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 832-862, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2021.045
November 2021 Reyes-Veras p F, Renukappa S, Suresh S
Challenges faced by the adoption of big data in the Dominican Republic construction industry: an empirical study
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 812-831, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2021.044