ITcon papers authored by: Issa

2022 Blinn N, Issa R R A
Integration strategies for advanced construction technologies in the US AECO industry
ITcon Vol. 27, pg. 109-129,
2021 Sorce J, Issa R R A
Extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) for adoption of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the US Construction Industry
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 227-248,
2019 Bademosi F, Blinn N, Issa R R A
Use of augmented reality technology to enhance comprehension of construction assemblies
ITcon Vol. 24, pg. 58-79,
2016 Shanbari H A, Blinn N M, Issa R R
Laser scanning technology and BIM in construction management education
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 204-217,
2016 Bockstael D, Issa M H
A methodology for contractor clash detection using Building Information Modelling on commercial construction projects
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 233-249,
2016 Lhee S C, Issa R R A, Flood I
Using particle swarm optimization to predict cost contingency on transportation construction projects
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 504-516,
2014 Liu R, Du J, Issa RRA
Cloud-based deep immersive game for human egress data collection: a framework
ITcon Vol. 19, pg. 336-349,
2014 Lhee SC, Flood I, Issa RRA
Development of a two-step neural network-based model to predict construction cost contingency
ITcon Vol. 19, pg. 399-411,
2012 Mutis I, Issa R R A
Framework for semantic reconciliation of construction project information
ITcon Vol. 17, pg. 1-24,
2012 Wu W, Issa R R A
Leveraging Cloud-BIM for LEED Automation
ITcon Vol. 17, pg. 367-384,
2011 Xie H, Shi W, Issa R R A
Using rfid and real-time virtual reality simulation for optimization in steel construction
ITcon Vol. 16, pg. 291-308,
2011 Hassan Issa Abdul Kareem, Abu Hassan Abu Bakar
Identifying it benefits for malaysian construction companies
ITcon Vol. 16, pg. 477-492,
2010 Shen Z, Issa R R A
Quantitative evaluation of the BIM-assisted construction detailed cost estimates
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 234-257,
2010 Obonyo E A and Issa R R A
Editorial - Advanced digital technologies for built environment education and learning
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 269-270,
2009 Suermann P, Issa R
Evaluating industry perceptions of building information modelling (BIM) impact on construction
ITcon Vol. 14, pg. 574-594,
2008 Issa M, Rankin J, Christian J, Pemberton E
Lessons learned from the use of interactive workspaces for student team design project meetings
ITcon Vol. 13, pg. 674-690,
2003 Issa R R A, Flood I, Caglasin G
A survey of e-business implementation in the US construction industry
ITcon Vol. 8, pg. 15-28,
2002 O'Brien W J, Issa RRA, Hammer J, Schmalz MS, Geunes J and Bai S X
SEEK: Accomplishing enterprise information integration across heterogeneous sources
ITcon Vol. 7, pg. 101-124,