ITcon papers authored by: Thabet

2024 Ensafi M, Thabet W, Gao X
Work order prioritization using neural networks to improve building operation
ITcon Vol. 29, pg. 324-346,
2023 Harode A, Thabet W, Dongre P
A tool-based system architecture for a digital twin: a case study in a healthcare facility
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 107-137,
2018 Wetzel EM, Thabet WY
A case study towards transferring relevant safety information for facilities maintenance using BIM
ITcon Vol. 23, pg. 53-74,
2017 Thabet W, Lucas JD
A 6-step systematic process for model-based facility data delivery
ITcon Vol. 22, pg. 104-131,
2013 Lucas J, Bulbul T, Thabet W
A pilot model for a proof of concept healthcare facility information management prototype
ITcon Vol. 18, pg. 76-98,
2011 Shiratuddin M F, Thabet W
Utilizing a 3D game engine to develop a virtual design review system
ITcon Vol. 16, pg. 39-68,
2008 Lucas J, Thabet W, Worlikar P
A VR-based training program for conveyor belt safety
ITcon Vol. 13, pg. 381-407,
2008 Lucas J, Thabet W
Implementation and evaluation of a VR task-based training tool for conveyor belt safety training
ITcon Vol. 13, pg. 637-659,