ITcon papers tagged with: 4d

2019 Butkovic B, Heesom D, Oloke D
The need for multi-LOD 4D simulations in construction projects
ITcon Vol. 24, pg. 256-272,
2018 Zhang Z, Hamledari H, Billington S, Fischer M
4D beyond construction: spatio-temporal and life-cyclic modeling and visualization of infrastructure data
ITcon Vol. 23, pg. 285-304,
2016 Gledson BJ, Greenwood DJ
Surveying the extent and use of 4D BIM in the UK
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2013 Yee P, Fischer M, Haymaker J
Automated identification of occupant interactions in renovations of occupied buildings
ITcon Vol. 18, pg. 182-213,
2013 Yee P, Fischer M, Kam C
Prospective validation of virtual design and construction methods
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2009 Mallasi Z
Towards minimizing space-time conflicts between site activities using simple generic algorithm – the best execution strategy
ITcon Vol. 14, pg. 154-179,