ITcon papers tagged with: information management

2024 Ghorbani A, Messner J
A categorical approach for defining digital twins in the AECO industry
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2024 Seyis S, Özkan S
Analyzing the added value of common data environments for organizational and project performance of BIM-based projects
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Implementation framework to facilitate digitalization of construction-phase information management by project owners
ITcon Vol. 27, pg. 529-547,
2021 Jahanger Q K, Louis J, Pestana C, Trejo D
Potential positive impacts of digitalization of construction-phase information management for project owners
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 1-22,
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Ontology-based approaches for improving the interoperability between 3D urban models
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Information management in industrial housing design and manufacture
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Knowledge-based engineering in construction: the prefabricated timber housing case
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Facilitating inter-enterprise information exchange in one-of-a-kind settings
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Promoting Computer Integrated Construction Through the Use of Distribution Technology
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