ITcon Vol. 3, pg. 1-10,

EASY: A hypermedia learning tool

submitted:November 1997
revised:September 1998
published:October 1998
editor(s):D.J. Vanier
authors:Matej Fischinger, Prof.

Tomo Cerovsek

Ziga Turk, Asst.Prof.
all: Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
summary:The Web not only distributes classically organized teaching material such as overheads, lecture notes and books, but also encourages new ways of publication and provides the means for content which could not have been printed on paper. In the article we present a tool for teaching earthquake engineering - an Earthquake Engineering Slide Information System (EASY). It uses information technology to present expert knowledge that has been accumulated over the decades by observing structures, damaged by earthquakes. Based on slides taken after major earthquakes such as Northridge, Mexico City and Kobe, a pictorial database of some 500 most descriptive images has been created and carefully annotated with keywords and textual description. By browsing the database and by following hypertext links, the user learns basic pitfalls of earthquake engineering and gains the feeling for the behavior of structures. The system is available both on the Web and on CD-ROM. We describe the system, as well as the design and development process and tools.
keywords:earthquake engineering, education, multimedia
full text: (PDF file, 1.195 MB)
citation:Fischinger M, Turk Z, Cerovsek T (1998). EASY: A hypermedia learning tool, ITcon Vol. 3, pg. 1-10,