ITcon Vol. 4, pg. 37-52,

A Modularised Integrated Computer Environment for the Construction Industry: SPACE

submitted:July 1999
revised:November 1999
published:November 1999
editor(s):B-C. Bjoerk
authors:Ihsan Faraj, Dr.
Centre for Construction IT, Building Research Establishment, UK.

Mustafa Alshawi, Professor.
Department of Surveying, University of Salford, UK.
summary:This paper outlines an overview of the SPACE project. SPACE (Simultaneous Prototyping for an Integrated Construction Environment) is a rapid prototyping environment which supports a subset of a construction project life cycle. Its main objective is to develop a future intelligent integrated design and construction system for the civil and building domain through which a number of solutions can be generated and analyzed. This is accomplished through the use of a comprehensive project data model capable of supporting a range of applications. The data model consists of an independent data model and application specific data models. The research concentrates on establishing a project data infrastructure and tools for managing the information exchange that occurs during a project life cycle, with emphasis on the design, site layout and construction planning, cost estimating and maintenance applications. This will enable better, more efficient and more cost effective buildings to be designed. The output generated by the prototype are very detailed which can improve the decision making process, different constraints can be applied and their consequences can be simulated. The prototype was tested with a number of case studies, some of which can be viewed by downloading the demo file attached with this paper.
keywords:Computer Integrated Construction, Project Model, Integration
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citation:Faraj I and Alshawi M (1999). A Modularised Integrated Computer Environment for the Construction Industry: SPACE, ITcon Vol. 4, pg. 37-52,