ITcon Vol. 9, pg. 281-283,

Mobile computing in construction (Editorial)

published:August 2004
editor(s):Rebolj D. and Menzel K.
authors:Danijel Rebolj
Construction IT Centre, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Maribor, Slovenia

Karsten Menzel
Department of Civil Engineering, Dresden University of Technology, Germany
summary:Mobile technologies bring new potential to modern information society. Much research is focusing on detailed aspects or single facets of mobile computing, perhaps even too fast for papers to be published. As one technology overtakes another and technical solutions are undoubtedly becoming more consistent and reliable, it is more reasonable to concentrate on general concepts and problems of implanting mobile computing. The A/E/C & FM domain is an excellent example for developing such general concepts of complex problem solutions because of its specific characteristics, such as field work, integration of various project partners, the high level of less formalized process specifications, etc. Mobile computing is the missing link to effectively use IT in an integrated and holistic way in construction – especially in the construction and operation phases of built artefacts. 
keywords:mobile computing, building services, construction, wireless network, mobile worker
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citation:Rebolj D and Menzel K (2004). Mobile computing in construction (Editorial), ITcon Vol. 9, Special issue Mobile Computing in Construction, pg. 281-283,