ITcon Vol. 9, pg. 121-127,

Electronic pin-ups: on-line depository of graduation design projects

submitted:February 2004
revised:May 2004
published:July 2004
editor(s):Martens B and Jabi W
authors:Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco, Associate Professor of Architecture
Texas A&M University, Department of Architecture

Huihui Zhang, Program Analyst and Web Administrator
Texas A&M University, College of Architecture
summary:The paper elaborates on the development of a repository of on-line graduation design projects. This repository has come to be as a side product of fast passed changes in the design studio culture in the Master of Architecture Program at Texas A&M University. The paper elaborates on such changes of culture, the emergence of a de-facto standard for on-line display of design work, and current efforts oriented towards making use of the repository in support of a wide range of pedagogic objectives.
keywords:digital library, on-line repository, electronic Pin-up, design project
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citation:Vasquez de Velasco G and Zhang H (2004). Electronic pin-ups: on-line depository of graduation design projects, ITcon Vol. 9, Special issue Digital Media Libraries, pg. 121-127,