ITcon Vol. 10, pg. 291-303,

A study of computer usage by Nigerian quantity surveyors

submitted:April 2005
revised:October 2005
published:November 2005
editor(s):Björk B.-C.
authors:Olukayode S. Oyediran
Department of Building, University of Lagos, Akoka,Yaba, Lagos Nigeria

Koleola T. Odusami
Department of Building, University of Lagos, Akoka,Yaba, Lagos Nigeria
summary:Quantity Surveying (QS) appears to be one of the few professions that have not been profoundly transformed by the application of the technological advancement offered by digital revolution especially in a developing economy like Nigeria. The paper examines the extent to which the Nigerian quantity surveyors (NQS) have been moving with the times of information technology. The aim is to discover the challenges faced by the professionals by examining the factors affecting the use and adoption of computer in a dynamic world of explosive growth of the information and communication technology (ICT). The study adopted a survey design methodology. It was observed that there was increasing yearly rate of adoption of computer in QS services, particularly among those QSs in their mid-career years. About 89% of the quantity surveyors have been using computer for project cost management services (PCMS). Almost all the respondents are performing word processing functions using computers while the proficiency level is indicated to be high in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. About 44% of the respondents carried out spread functions using computer while about 45% wished to perform spreadsheet functions with computer. QSs’ attempt to computerize their services has been more of technology driven than process driven. Four elements of cost that were rated to be high with respect to income of the QSs are cost of original software, cost of branded hardware, cost of infrastructures to support computerization and cost of support services by computer professionals.
keywords:quantity surveyors, IT usage, computing proficiency, developing economy
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citation:Oyediran O S and Odusami K T (2005). A study of computer usage by Nigerian quantity surveyors, ITcon Vol. 10, pg. 291-303,