ITcon Vol. 11, pg. 343-360,

Spatial cinematic mediation in real-time architectural walkthroughs

submitted:July 2005
revised:November 2005
published:May 2006
editor(s):Kamara J M
authors:Carlos Calderón
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, University of Newcastle, UK

Nicholas Worley
Faulkner Browns Architects, Newcastle, UK

Karl Nyman
Northfield, New Hampshire, USA
summary:This paper presents a methodological framework for the utilisation of our cinematic camera control engine in the exploration and representation of architectural designs. In this paper, we report on a fully developed modification (mod) of a real-time engine (Unreal TM): a cinematic control camera engine designed to enhance a real-time navigatable experience architectural contexts. Basically, the mod enables the use of cinematographic techniques (Tracking, Cutaway, Exposure, etc) to explore architectural designs in a 3D real-time development and testing environment (the Unreal Engine). The purpose of our investigation is to use this \"spatial cinematic mediation\" to improve the presentation of architectural designs by facilitating a reading of architecture in a design sense. Additionally, the mod might be use by the designer to notice design issues which otherwise might not be noticeable. Currently, there is neither software nor a structured approach which facilitates this in architectural visualisations.
keywords:virtual environments, navigation, camera engine, cinematography, experiential design.
full text: (PDF file, 2.25 MB)
citation:Calderón C, Worley N and Nyman K (2006). Spatial cinematic mediation in real-time architectural walkthroughs, ITcon Vol. 11, Special issue Architectural informatics, pg. 343-360,