ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 165-166,

Editorial on construction information technology in emerging economies

submitted:March 2007
published:March 2007
authors:Dr. Alfredo Serpell, Professor and Head
Department of Construction Engineering and Management, Pontificia universidad catolica de Chile, Santiago, Chile

Dr. Sudhirkumar V Barai, Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering, Indian institute of technology Kharagpur, India
summary:In the near future a major part of global construction will take place in what is often called emerging economies. This term covers both developing countries and nations in rapid transition to become major global industrial powers. In terms of geography Latin America, Africa, the middle East and most of Asia as well as Russia and the new and candidate members of the EU are included in this group. Nevertheless the vast majority of construction and construction IT research is carried out in a few countries in North America and Western Europe and deals primarily with problems high up on the agenda in these.
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citation:Serpell A and Barai S V (2007). Editorial on construction information technology in emerging economies, ITcon Vol. 12, Special issue Construction information technology in emerging economies, pg. 165-166,