ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 151-164,

Long-distance wireless networking for site – office data communications

submitted:October 2006
revised:February 2007
published:March 2007
authors:Ioannis K. Brilakis, Assistant Professor
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
summary:Effective data communications between the project site and decision making office can be critical for the success of a construction project. It allows convenient access to centrally stored information and allows centrally located decision makers to remotely monitor the site and collect data in real-time. However, high bandwidth, flexible data communication networks, such as wired local area networks, can often be time-consuming and costly to deploy for such purposes especially when project sites (dams, highways, etc.) are located in rural, undeveloped areas where networking infrastructure is not available. In such construction sites, wireless networking could reliably link the construction site and the decision-making office. This paper presents a case study on long-distance, site – office wireless data communications. The purpose was to investigate the capability of wireless technology in exchanging construction data in a fast and efficient manner and in allowing site personnel to interact and share knowledge and data with the office staff. This study took place at the University of Michigan’s campus where performance, reliability, and cost/benefit tests were performed. The indoor and outdoor tests performed demonstrated the suitability of this technology for office-site data communications and exposed the need for more research to further improve the reliability and data handling of this technology.
keywords:local area networks, data communication, network design, data collection, remote sensing.
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citation:Brilakis I K (2007). Long-distance wireless networking for site – office data communications, ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 151-164,