ITcon Vol. 14, pg. 617-628,

Advanced ICT under the 7th EU R&D framework programme: opportunities for the AEC/FM industry

submitted:September 2008
published:October 2009
editor(s):Rezgui Y, Zarli A, Hopfe C J
authors:Erastos Filos
European Commission, Directorate-General for Information Society and Media, Brussels, Belgium
summary:The 7th EU framework programme for research (FP7) aims to provide new impetus to Europe’s growth and competitiveness, in realising that knowledge is Europe’s greatest resource. The programme places greater emphasis than in the past on research that is relevant to the needs of European industry, to help it compete internationally, and develop its role as a world leader in certain sectors. For the first time the framework programme provides support for the best in European investigator-driven research, with the creation of a European Research Council. The FP7 budget is 50% higher compared with its predecessor. The paper focuses on advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) under FP7 and on how the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry and facility management (FM) can benefit through a systematic involvement. The technologies under development, ranging from wireless sensor networks, cooperative smart objects, plug-and-play control architectures, technologies supporting the \"Internet of Things\", to ICT services supporting energy efficiency can benefit not only this sector, but the economy as a whole.Significant near-market research will be carried out in the two ICT Joint Technology Initiatives (JTI) which are launched in 2008. They address nanoelectronics and embedded computing systems applications. In international cooperation, the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) initiative is focusing its strategy on building Manufacturing Technology Platforms in areas such as standardisation, education, sustainable manufacturing, energy efficiency and key technologies. All these activities aim to link R&D efforts of research groups across sectors, countries and regions.
keywords:Research, ICT, FP7
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citation:Filos E (2009). Advanced ICT under the 7th EU R&D framework programme: opportunities for the AEC/FM industry, ITcon Vol. 14, Special issue Building Information Modeling Applications, Challenges and Future Directions, pg. 617-628,