ITcon Vol. 14, pg. 692-704,

Cogitative buildings: concepts, technologies, implementations

submitted:January 2009
revised:June 2009
published:October 2009
editor(s):Rezgui Y, Zarli A, Hopfe C J
authors:Ardeshir Mahdavi, Univ. Prof. Dr.
Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology, Vienna University of Technology
summary:This paper is concerned with the necessary conditions for the emergence of cogitative buildings. A cogitative building is defined here as one that possesses a multi-faceted representation of its context (site, micro-climate), its physical constituents (elements, components, systems), and its processes (occupancy presence and actions, indoor climate controls). Moreover, a cogitative building can dynamically update this representation and use it for virtual experiments toward regulation of its systems and states. The paper presents a summary of the required key technologies and the related state of their development, together with general reflections on problems and prospects of cogitative buildings.
keywords:cogitative buildings, self-updating representations, building automation, simulation-based control
full text: (PDF file, 1.444 MB)
citation:Mahdavi A (2009). Cogitative buildings: concepts, technologies, implementations, ITcon Vol. 14, Special issue Building Information Modeling Applications, Challenges and Future Directions, pg. 692-704,