ITcon Vol. 16, pg. 637-652,

Attitudinal, behavioural, and cultural impacts on e-business use in a project team: a case study

revised:August 2010
published:May 2011
editor(s):Turk ŽŽ
authors:Graham Brewer, Associate Professor
University of Newcastle;

Thayaparan Gajendram,
University of Newcastle;
summary:Maximum benefit from Information and Communication Technology (ICT) investment is widelybelieved to arise from its collaborative use across construction project teams. Ideally this integrates supplychain activities using various e-business strategies centred on a Building Information Model (BIM), used fromthe earliest stages of project feasibility, through design and construction phases onward into operation anddecommissioning. Unfortunately this rarely eventuates, and this has less to do with technological compatibilityand more to do with human interactions. A recently completed doctoral study has found evidence thatboundedly rational decision-making behaviour arises out of individual decision-makers’ attitudes which in turnaffects the likelihood of ICT/BIM adoption across a project team. Another doctoral study has shown the linkbetween individual attitudes, the formation of project team culture and it's receptiveness to ICT/BIM integration.This paper presents meta-analysis of data common to both studies of a particular Temporary ProjectOrganisation (TPO) associated with the design and construction of a project. It investigates the link between theindividual attitude formation of key project personalities and their subsequent ICT decision-making behaviour,resulting in the formation of a differentiated project team culture, and sub-optimal BIM-enabled e-business. Itconcludes that individuals’ cultural traits are portable entities, partially evolved through personal experience,and partially developed out of interaction with others, and these traits will ‘infect’ the current TPO in bothpositive and negative ways.
keywords:ICT, BIM, temporary project organisation, e-business, attitudes, behaviours, project team culture.
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citation:Graham Brewer, Thayaparan Gajendram (2011). Attitudinal, behavioural, and cultural impacts on e-business use in a project team: a case study, ITcon Vol. 16, Special issue Innovation in Construction e-Business, pg. 637-652,