ITcon Vol. 17, pg. 271-282,

Using situated FBS ontology to explore designers' patterns of behavior in parametric envrionments

published:September 2012
editor(s):Bhzad Sidawi and Neveen Hamza
authors:Dr Bhzad Sidawi, associate Professor, College of Architecture and Planning, University of Dammam, KSA

Dr Neveen Hamza
Lecturer in Architecture, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University, UK
summary:Current literature suggests that there is limited empirical evidence supporting the understandingof designers’ behaviour or processes in parametric design environments (PDEs). This study explores designers’patterns of behaviour in PDEs. To achieve this, we introduce the situated function-behaviour-structure (FBS)model to develop a customized coding scheme for protocol studies. The situated FBS model has been suggestedto be able to capture most of the meaningful design processes and indicate clear transition between designevents. In the customized coding scheme, this situated FBS ontological model has been adapted to reflect thecharacteristics of parametric design by categorizing designers’ activities both from design knowledge and rulealgorithm. In order to test the coding scheme and explore patterns of designers’ behaviour in PDEs, a pilotstudy is conducted in which two designers are involved to complete a design task using parametric tools. Wepropose to apply the results of the protocol analysis in identifying three levels of design behaviour patterns:behaviour patterns derived from three worlds (internal, expected and external worlds), behaviour patternsderived from design processes (the eight design processes indicated in FBS model) and those derived from thetwo levels of parametric design activities (design knowledge based activities and rule algorithm based activities).Preliminary results show that the customised coding scheme based on the situated FBS ontology is capable tocapture most of designers design activities and explore designers’ patterns of behaviour form various aspects.Furthermore, some patterns in terms of the three levels of behaviour in PDEs are identified and discussed.
keywords:parametric design, FBS ontology, design behaviour patterns
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citation:Rongrong Yu, Ning Gu, Michael Ostwald (2012). Using situated FBS ontology to explore designers' patterns of behavior in parametric envrionments, ITcon Vol. 17, Special issue CAAD and innovation, pg. 271-282,