ITcon Vol. 17, pg. 319-332,

Design grammars as evaluation tools in the first year studio

submitted:July 2012
published:September 2012
editor(s):Bhzad Sidawi and Neveen Hamza
authors:Mohamed S. Ibrahim, Dr.
Alexandria University, Egypt;

Alan Bridges, Professor
Strathclyde University, UK

Scott C. Chase, Professor
Aalborg University, Denmark

Samir H. Bayoumi, Professor
Alexandria University, Egypt

Dina S. Taha, Assistant Professor
Alexandria University, Egypt
summary:This paper describes a teaching experience conducted and carried out as part of the coursework offirst year students. The workshop is the third of three workshops planned to take place during the course of thefirst year studio, aimed at introducing new ways of thinking and introducing students to a new pattern ofarchitectural education. The experiment was planned under the theme of “Evaluation” during the final stage. Agrammatical approach was chosen to deliver the methodology in the design studio, based on shape grammars.
keywords:Shape grammars, Pedagogical grammars, Design education
full text: (PDF file, 1.348 MB)
citation:Ibrahim M S, Bridges A, Chase S C, Bayoumi S H, Taha D S (2012). Design grammars as evaluation tools in the first year studio, ITcon Vol. 17, Special issue CAAD and innovation, pg. 319-332,