ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 354-369,

Classification of BIM-based model checking concepts

submitted:July 2016
revised:October 2016
published:November 2016
editor(s):Dimyadi J, Solihin W
authors:Eilif Hjelseth, Associate Professor
Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway
summary:This paper proposes a framework for classification of Building Information Model (BIM) checking concepts. Although BIM-based model checking (BMC) and similar terms are widely used, there is a lack of joint understanding of the different types of checking and the use of terms. The study uses an ontological approach to develop a framework with the intention to classify unique concepts of BMC. The following concepts for BMC were identified: A) Compliance checking solutions, separated into: 1) Validation checking and 2) Content checking, and B) Design solution checking, separated into: 3) Smart objects checking and 4) Design option checking. All concepts are presented with principles and examples, and as Linked Data with RDF-graph. The impact of this overview can contribute to improved understanding of BMC, improved understanding and clarification of expectations, and joint terms for common use.
keywords:BIM-based model checking, ontology, classification, taxonomy, Linked Data
full text: (PDF file, 0.855 MB)
citation:Hjelseth E (2016). Classification of BIM-based model checking concepts, ITcon Vol. 21, Special issue CIB W78 2015 Special track on Compliance Checking, pg. 354-369,