ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 456-478,

Supporting automated constructability checking for formwork construction: an ontology

submitted:July 2016
revised:October 2016
published:November 2016
editor(s):Dimyadi J, Solihin W
authors:Li Jiang, Ph.D., VDC Coordinator
Austin Commercial, L.P.

Robert M. Leicht, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Department of Architectural Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
summary:Constructability review has been an ongoing area of research to support integrated design and construction processes for decades. As the evolution of Building Information-modeling (BIM) shows great potential to motivate integrated design and delivery, the current manual review process, which is time-consuming and error-prone, is facing a transformation with the adoption of advanced technology in a more collaborative environment. Focusing on reinforced concrete structural elements, the current work developed an ontology of constructability review to support automated constructability review through the employment of BIM. Underlying interdependencies between design and construction were identified, along with the associated information requirements to pursue the automated constructability reasoning. The constructability relationships with associated information requirements and its applicability, were validated through a series of expert interviews and a case study. The established constructability ontology underpins the understanding of the constructability concepts for the benefits of integration, and the implementation of these concepts with proactive construction- specific design feedback. Unlike the fragmentation of traditional project delivery, the encouragement of construction input at early design stages has been found to promote close collaboration among different project participants with consistent commitments, leading to integrated design and construction.
keywords:constructability, BIM, ontology, constructability review, automated checking, constructability relationships, integrated design
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citation:Jiang L, Leicht R M (2016). Supporting automated constructability checking for formwork construction: an ontology, ITcon Vol. 21, Special issue CIB W78 2015 Special track on Compliance Checking, pg. 456-478,