ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 109-122,

Integration of building service systems in architectural design

submitted:January 2019
revised:June 2019
published:February 2020
editor(s):Turk Ž.
authors:Wael Abdelhameed, Associate Professor,
Applied Science University, Bahrain;

Weldy Saputra, Lecturer,
University of Bahrain, Bahrain;
summary:The paper investigates the importance of building service systems, BSS particularly how they should be taken into ‎consideration during the early architectural design phases. The integration of those systems inside the building in the early phases ‎of design will save cost and prevent time-consuming modifications. Due to the late integration of the building service systems BSS in ‎the design, negative impact on both the exterior and the interior, may occur. Within the building industry, there has been increasing interest to the building service systems BSS integration, in order to ‎enhance design outcomes, and to detect or even avoid the service systems’ clashes and conflicts. An academic-course projects are used to highlight the importance of 3D digital modelling in disclosing possible clashes and conflicts between the building service systems BSS, particularly the plumbing systems in one hand, and ‎between the design itself and those systems on the other hand. A literature review to cover methods used to coordinate all service systems is conducted. Furthermore, from the construction industry more data are collected and analysed to add the practical perspective. Not only some coordination cases from regional construction projects but also researches focused upon construction industry, are employed to shade more light on the benefits of the integration of the building service systems BSS in the conceptual phases of architectural design.
keywords:building service systems, MEP, conceptual design phases, architectural education
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citation:Abdelhameed W, Saputra W (2020). Integration of building service systems in architectural design, ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 109-122,