ITcon Volume 5 (2000)

1 Lottaz C, Stouffs R and Smith I
Increasing Understanding During Collaboration Through Advanced Representations
ITcon Vol. 5, pg. 1-24,
2 Kosovac B, Vanier DJ and Froese TM
Use of Keyphrase Extraction Software for Creation of an AEC/FM Thesaurus
ITcon Vol. 5, pg. 25-36,
3 Rivard H
A Survey on the Impact of Information Technology in the Canadian Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry
ITcon Vol. 5, pg. 37-56,
4 Andresen J, Baldwin A, Betts M, Carter C, Hamilton A, Stokes E and Thorpe T
A Framework for Measuring IT Innovation Benefits
ITcon Vol. 5, pg. 57-72,
5 Björk B-C and Turk Z
A Survey on the Impact of the Internet on Scientific Publishing in Construction IT and Construction Management
ITcon Vol. 5, pg. 73-88,