ITcon Volume 15 (2010)

1 Cerovsek T, Zupancic T, Kilar V
Framework for model-based competency management for design in physical and virtual worlds
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 1-22,
2 Eadie R, Perera S, Heaney G
Identification of e-procurement drivers and barriers for UK construction organisations and ranking of these from the perspective of quantity surveyors
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 23-43,
3 Attar G, Sweiss R
The relationship between information technology adoption and job satisfaction in contracting companies in Jordan
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 44-63,
4 Al-Neshawy F, Piironen J, Peltola S, Erving A, Heiska N, Nuikka M, Puttonen J
Measuring the bowing of marble panels in building facades using terrestrial laser scanning technology
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 64-74,
5 Chien H-J, Barthorpe S
The current state of information and communication technology usage by small and medium Taiwanese construction companies
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 75-85,
6 Guha S, Biswajit T, Chakrabarty S
Collaboration in a web enabled design management system - a case study in Kolkata, India
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 86-107,
7 Teller J, Billen R, Cutting-Decelle A-F
Editorial - Bringing Urban Ontologies into Practice
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 108-110,
8 Florczyk A J, López-Pellicer F J, Muro-Medrano P, Nogueras-Iso J, Zarazaga-Soria F J
Semantic selection of georeferencing services for urban management
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 111-121,
9 Ban H, Ahlqvist O
User evaluation of a software interface for geovisualization and communication of uncertain urban ontologies
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 122-131,
10 Guyot J, Falquet G, Teller J
Incremental development of a shared urban ontology: the Urbamet experience
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 132-139,
11 Mounce S R, Brewster C, Ashley R M, Hurley L
Knowledge management for more sustainable water systems
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 140-148,
12 Finat J, Delgado F J, Martìnez R, Hurtado A, Fernández J J, San José J I, Martìnez J
Constructors of geometric primitives in domain ontologies for urban environments
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 149-158,
13 Kaza N, Finn D, Hopkins L D
Updating plans: a historiography of decisions over time
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 159-168,
14 Métral C, Billen R, Cutting-Decelle A-F, van Ruymbeke M
Ontology-based approaches for improving the interoperability between 3D urban models
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 169-184,
15 Becerik-Gerber B, Rice S
The perceived value of building information modeling in the U.S. building industry
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 185-201,
16 Okeil A
Hybrid design environments: immersive and non-immersive architectural design
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 202-216,
17 Eadie R, Perera S, Heaney G
A cross-discipline comparison of rankings for e-procurement drivers and barriers within UK construction organisations
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 217-233,
18 Shen Z, Issa R R A
Quantitative evaluation of the BIM-assisted construction detailed cost estimates
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 234-257,
19 Sun M, Oza T
User survey: the benefits of an online collaborative contract change management system
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 258-268,
20 Obonyo E A and Issa R R A
Editorial - Advanced digital technologies for built environment education and learning
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 269-270,
21 Kocaturk T
A web-based teaching/learning environment to support collaborative knowledge construction in design
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 271-290,
22 Oxman R
Sharing media and knowledge in design pedagogy
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 291-305,
23 Nawari N O
Intelligent design in AEC education
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 306-317,
24 Obonyo E A
Towards agent-augmented ontologies for educational VDC applications
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 318-334,
25 Al-Bazi A F, Dawood N, Dean J T
Improving performance and the reliability of off-site pre-cast concrete production operations using simulation optimisation
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 335-336,
26 Loh E, Crosbie T, Dawood N, Dean J
A framework and decision support system to increase building life cycle energy performance
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 337-353,
27 Malmgren L, Jensen P, Olofsson T
Product modeling of configurable building systems - a case study
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 354-368,
28 Michaloski AO, Costa APCS
A survey of IT use by small and medium-sized construction companies in a city in Brazil
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 369-390,