ITcon papers authored by: Lee

2022 Lee M, Chai C, Xiong Y, Gui H
Technology acceptance model for Building Information Modelling Based Virtual Reality (BIM-VR) in cost estimation
ITcon Vol. 27, pg. 914-925,
2021 Nik-Bakht M, Lee J, Dehkordi S H
BIM-based reverberation time analysis
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 28-38,
2016 Park S, Lee Y-C, J-K
Definition of a domain-specific language for Korean building act sentences as an explicit computable form
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 422-433,
2015 Jiang Y, Yu N, Ming J, Lee S, DeGraw J, Yen J, Messner J I, Wu D
Automatic building information model query generation
ITcon Vol. 20, pg. 518-535,
2008 Lee H-K, Lee Y-S, Kim J-J
A cost-based interior design decision support system for large-scale housing projects
ITcon Vol. 13, pg. 20-38,
2008 Olofsson T, Lee G, Eastman C
Editorial - Case studies of BIM in use
ITcon Vol. 13, pg. 244-245,
2007 Lee C C and Egbu C O
Information technology tools for capturing and communicating learning and experiences in construction SMEs in developed and developing countires
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 167-180,
2005 Aound G, Lee A and Wu S
From 3D to nD modelling
ITcon Vol. 10, pg. 15-16,
2003 Eastman C, Sacks R and Lee G
Development and implementation of advanced IT in the North American precast concrete industry
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