ITcon papers tagged with: education

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Mixed reality based environment for learning sensing technology applications in construction
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 863-885,
2018 Lucas J
Immersive VR in the construction classroom to increase student understanding of sequence, assembly, and space of wood frame construction
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Building information modelling (BIM) educational framework for quantity surveying students: The Malaysian perspective
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Laser scanning technology and BIM in construction management education
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BIM curriculum design in architecture, engineering, and construction education: a systematic review
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Integration of E – learning 2.0 with Web 2.0
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A pilot study of a 3D game environment for construction safety education
ITcon Vol. 16, pg. 69-84,
2011 Wong KA, Wong KF, Nadeem A
Building information modelling for tertiary construction education in Hong Kong
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Sharing media and knowledge in design pedagogy
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Application of ICT supported learning in fluid mechanics
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EASY: A hypermedia learning tool
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