ITcon Vol. 8, pg. 219-230,

Development of a Two Dimensional model space extension for IAI/IFC2.X2nd model

submitted:December 2002
revised:May 2003
published:July 2003
editor(s):Tarandi V
authors:Inhan Kim, Associate Professor
Kyung-Hee University, Korea
email: ,

Thomas Liebich, President
AEC3, Germany

Seong-Sig Kim, Senior Researcher
KICT, Korea
summary:IFC is getting popular as a standard product data model. However, IFC is currently a 3D focused building model with detailed semantics. The current IFC2x model does not include 2D presentation entities (like line types, hatches and dimensions) which are essential to represent 2D drawings. Having drawing information connected to the building model is beneficial for data sharing within the life cycle, as still much information is covered in a drawing-based approach. Therefore, the IFC2x model should be extended with 2D representation capabilities to achieve this aim. The work is executed within the XM-4 project of IAI. The objective of the XM-4 project is to add the capabilities for 2D data exchange of representations of the virtual building model, including annotations, which is mostly adopted from ISO10303/STEP, to the current IFC structure. Therefore in the developed model, the presentations of element geometry and general annotation capabilities have been extended by enhancing the 2D geometric representation capabilities. In the paper, the methodology of relating the two different models, IFC and STEP, has been investigated and the methodology of dividing model and view is examined. Following such approach, the gap between model and view can be systemically sealed and IT systems for the Construction industry can be beneficial from the developed data model.
keywords:IFC2x, Drafting Model, representation, 2D
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citation:Kim I, Liebich T and Kim S-S (2003). Development of a Two Dimensional model space extension for IAI/IFC2.X2nd model, ITcon Vol. 8, Special issue IFC - Product models for the AEC arena, pg. 219-230,