ITcon Vol. 14, pg. 328-352,

Communication in design, results of a field research

published:June 2009
editor(s):Kazi A S, Aouad G, Baldwin A
authors:Maria Antonietta Esposito, Professor,
Department of Technology of Architecture and Design “P. L. Spadolini”, University of Florence, Italy

Irene Macchi, Ph. D. Candidate,
Department of Technology of Architecture and Design “P. L. Spadolini”, University of Florence, Italy
summary:The paper reports the results of a doctoral research which analyses the communication processes in building design teams specialised in airport passenger terminal projects working in Italy. The analysis is focused on the communication processes requirements and it was conducted using a structured questionnaire based on reference to a technical standard. The aim of the analysis was to define the basic elements to build a User Profile finalised to plan communication processes in a networked design team. The problem to be solved, structurally affects the Construction Industry where it is necessary to face the complex relationship within the design team, which comprises different organisations, based in various sites or counties and using different languages but, most importantly, being culturally different. The results of the field research show many interesting features: for example we found that certified quality standard organisations often do not plan, carry out checks and properly implement the communication processes. In brief we show evidence about the non-awareness of critical importance of communication processes and their impact on design quality. The so-called Access Era does not allow behaviour such as a Win-Win Strategy. The research aims to face the Design Gap as an identified industrial problem defining a method to draw a User Profile tool and start communication processes based on it.
keywords:Building Design Gap, Design Communication processes, R-Tech in Building Design, Win-Win Strategy in Building Design
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citation:Esposito M A, Macchi I (2009). Communication in design, results of a field research, ITcon Vol. 14, Special issue Next Generation Construction IT: Technology Foresight, Future Studies, Roadmapping, and Scenario Planning, pg. 328-352,