ITcon Vol. 14, pg. 489-506,

VR-roadmap: a vision for 2030 in the built environment

published:August 2009
editor(s):Kazi A S, Aouad G, Baldwin A
authors:Nashwan Dawood, Professor
Centre for Construction Innovation and Research (CCIR), University of Teesside, Middlesbrough, TS1 3BA,
summary:VR is an emerging technology that will greatly benefit the construction industry and its supply chain in terms of capacity to experiment, greatly improved communication, data visualisation and capturing ideas. This paper presents the outcome of a research project that was aimed at developing a ‘VR roadmap: vision for 2030 in built environment’. The methodology used was to thoroughly review previous and current application of VR in the construction and manufacturing based industries and conduct brain storming sessions with Experts in IT/VR regarding future functionalities and R&D needed to develop VR tools and processes capable of supporting future built environment. Twenty three Experts from industry and academia from UK, EU and USA working in diverse roles in academia, industry and software development were invited to participate in a brain storming sessions over two-day workshops. The roadmap is focussed on three main themes: current state-of-the-art of VR in built environment; technology and process specifications towards 2030 and R&D plans to deliver such specifications. Discussions were focussed on identifying enablers, barriers, opportunities and challenges that prevail in the industry and those likely to be encountered towards 2030 with advancement of the technology and process changes. The paper introduces and discusses the roadmap and its related methodology.
keywords:VR application, Design, Construction, Roadmap
full text: (PDF file, 5.101 MB)
citation:Dawood N (2009). VR-roadmap: a vision for 2030 in the built environment, ITcon Vol. 14, Special issue Next Generation Construction IT: Technology Foresight, Future Studies, Roadmapping, and Scenario Planning, pg. 489-506,