ITcon Volume 28 (2023)

1 Wu J, Xue X, Zhang J
Invariant Signature, Logic Reasoning, and Semantic Natural Language Processing (NLP)-Based Automated Building Code Compliance Checking (I-SNACC) Framework
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 1-18,
2 El-Diraby T E
How typical is your project? The need for a no-model approach for information management in AEC
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 19-38,
3 Nnaji C, Okpala I, Awolusi I, Gambatese J
A systematic review of technology acceptance models and theories in construction research
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 39-69,
4 Qin Y, Bloomquist E, Bulbul T, Gabbard J
Measuring the impacts of AR HMD on users’ situation awareness during wood frame assembly tasks
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 70-86,
5 Perera S, Jin X, Samaratunga M, Gunasekara K
Drivers and barriers to digitalisation: a cross-analysis of the views of designers and builders in the construction industry
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 87-106,
6 Harode A, Thabet W, Dongre P
A tool-based system architecture for a digital twin: a case study in a healthcare facility
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 107-137,
7 Elgendi E-B O, Shawki K M, Ashraf Mohy A
Video analysis for tower crane production rate estimation
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 138-150,
8 Dolla T, Jain K, Kumar Delhi V S
Strategies for digital transformation in construction projects: stakeholders' perceptions and actor dynamics for Industry 4.0
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 151-175,
9 Jiang Z, Messner J I
Computer Vision Applications In Construction And Asset Management Phases: A Literature Review
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 176-199,
10 Tongthong T, Nyimin T, Peansupap V
A System for Developing and Evaluating Fire Extinguisher Plans of Construction Projects in Virtual Environments
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 200-219,
11 Vakaj E, Cheung F, Cao J, Tawil A-R H, Patlakas P
An Ontology-Based Cost Estimation for Offsite Construction
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 220-245,
12 Doukari O, Scoditti E, Kassem M, Greenwood D
A BIM-based Techno-Economic Framework and Tool for Evaluating and Comparing Building Renovation Strategies
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 246-265,
13 Nabavi A, Ramaji I, Sadeghi N, Anderson A
Leveraging Natural Language Processing for Automated Information Inquiry from Building Information Models
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 266-285,
14 Eliwa H K, Jelodar M B, Poshdar M, Yi W
Information and Communication Technology Applications in Construction Organizations: a Scientometric Review
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 286-305,
15 Karacigan A, Ozorhon B, Caglayan S
A Systematic Approach To Investigate BIM Implementation in Turkish Construction Industry
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 306-321,
16 Carvalho A T, Calejo R, Santos J, Maia L
BIM model to support O&M tasks
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 322-331,
17 Hosny S, Ibrahim A H, Nabil Y
Reducing Reinforced Concrete Materials Waste in Construction Projects Using Building Information Modeling in Egypt
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 332-345,
18 Wang Y, Flood I
Machine learning approaches to determining truck type from bridge loading response
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 346-359,
19 Paskaleva G, Mazak-Huemer A, Villeneuve M, Waldhart J
Automated translation from domain knowledge to software model: EXCEL2UML in the tunneling domain
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 360-384,
20 Samuelson O, Stehn L
Digital transformation in construction – a review
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 385-404,
21 Shinde Y, Lee K, Kiper B, Simpson M, Hasanzadeh S
A Systematic Literature Review on 360° Panoramic Applications in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 405-437,
22 Pavard A, Dony A, Bordin P
Road modelling for infrastructure management – the efficient use of geographic information systems
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 438-457,
23 Harichandran A, Raphael B, Mukherjee A
Relevance of deep sequence models for recognising automated construction activities: a case study on a low-rise construction system
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 458-481,
24 Ogunseiju O, Gonsalves N, Akanmu A, Bairaktarova D, Agee P, Asfari K
Sensing technologies in construction engineering education: industry experiences and expectations
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 482-499,
25 Toyin J O, Mewomo M C
Overview of BIM contributions in the construction phase: review and bibliometric analysis
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 500-514,
26 Park C, Dawood N, Rahimian F P, Pedro A
SPECIAL ISSUE EDITORIAL: The future of construction in the context of digital transformation (CONVR 2022)
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 515-518,
27 Disney O, Roupé M, Johansson M, Ris J, Höglin P
Total BIM on the construction site: a dynamic single source of information
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 519-538,
28 Anifowose H, Alhazzaa K, Dixit M
ENERGYSIM: techniques for advancing building energy education through immersive virtual reality (VR) simulation
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 539-554,
29 Girgin S, Fruchter R, Fischer M
A case study towards assessing the impact of mixed reality-based inspection and resolution of MEP issues during construction
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 555-570,
30 Yogeeswaran K, Chen Q, García de Soto B
Utilizing augmented reality for the assembly and disassembly of panelized construction
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 571-584,
31 Dossick C S, Snider M, Osburn L
Operations, IT, and construction time orientations and the challenges of implementing IOT
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 585-596,
32 Nagatoishi M, Fruchter R
Construction management in space: explore solution space of optimal schedule and cost estimate
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 597-621,
33 Sari M, Berawi M A, Zagloel T Y, Madyaningarum N, Miraj P, Pranoto A R, Susantono B, Woodhead R
Machine learning-based energy use prediction for the smart building energy management system
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 622-645,
34 Borkowski A S
Evolution of BIM: epistemology, genesis and division into periods
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 646-661,
35 Selvanesan H, Satanarachchi N
Potential for synergetic integration of Building Information Modelling, Blockchain and Supply Chain Management in construction industry
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 662-691,
36 Shojaei A, Ly R, Rokooei S, Mahdavian A, Al-Bayati A
Virtual site visits in Construction Management education: A practical alternative to physical site visits
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 692-710,
37 Lawal O, Nawari N O
Blockchain and City Information Modeling (CIM): A New Approach of Transparency and Efficiency
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 711-734,
RETRACTED: Vision-based tracking method of nighttime construction workers by integrating YOLOv5 and Deepsort
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 735-756,
39 Vestin A, Säfsten K, Popovic D
Mitigating product data management challenges in the wooden single-family house industry
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 757-773,
40 Merkle D, Solass J, Schmitt A, Rosin J, Reiterer A, Stolz A
Semi-automatic 3D crack map generation and width evaluation for structural monitoring of reinforced concrete structures
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 774-805,
41 Lee Y-C, Ma J W, Leite F
A parametric approach towards semi-automated 3D as-built modeling
ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 806-825,