ITcon Volume 21 (2016)

1 Merschbrock C, Nordahl-Rolfsen C
BIM Technology acceptance among reinforcement workers – The case of Oslo Airport’s terminal 2
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 1-12,
2 Nepal M P, Staub-French S
Supporting Knowledge-Intensive Construction Management Tasks in BIM
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 13-38,
3 Alshibani A, Moselhi O
Productivity based method for forecasting cost & time of earthmoving operations using sampling GPS data
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 39-56,
4 Gledson BJ, Greenwood DJ
Surveying the extent and use of 4D BIM in the UK
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 57-71,
5 Yuan C, McClure T, Dunston P, Cai H
Leveraging construction inspection and documentation for asset inventory and life cycle asset management
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 72-85,
6 Čuš Babič N, Rebolj D
Culture change in construction industry: from 2D toward BIM based construction
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 86-99,
7 Zeb J, Froese T
An ontology-supported infrastructure transaction management portal in infrastructure management
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 100-118,
8 Adamu Z A, Thorpe T
How universities are teaching BIM: a review and case study from the UK
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 119-139,
9 Ali K N, Mustaffa N E, Keat Q J, Enegbuma W I
Building information modelling (BIM) educational framework for quantity surveying students: The Malaysian perspective
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 140-151,
10 Bozoglu J
Collaboration and coordination learning modules for BIM education
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 152-163,
11 Leite F
Project-based learning in a building information modeling for construction management course
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 164-176,
12 McCuen T, Pober E
Process and structure: performance impacts on collaborative interdisciplinary team experiences
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 177-187,
13 Palomera-Arias R, Liu R
BIM laboratory exercises for a MEP systems course in a construction science and management program
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 188-203,
14 Shanbari H A, Blinn N M, Issa R R
Laser scanning technology and BIM in construction management education
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 204-217,
15 Wu W, Luo Y
Pedagogy and assessment of student learning in BIM and sustainable design and construction
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 218-232,
16 Bockstael D, Issa M H
A methodology for contractor clash detection using Building Information Modelling on commercial construction projects
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 233-249,
17 Abdirad H, Dossick C S
BIM curriculum design in architecture, engineering, and construction education: a systematic review
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 250-271,
18 Parsanezhad P, Tarandi V, Lund R
Formalized requirements management in the briefing and design phase, A pivotal review of literature
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 272-291,
19 Bannier P, Jin H, Goodrum P M
Modeling of work envelope requirements in the piping and steel trades and the influence of global anthropomorphic characteristics
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 292-314,
20 Dimyadi J, Solihin W
EDITORIAL: CIB W78 Special track on Compliance Checking
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 315-316,
21 Dimyadi J, Pauwels P, Amor R
Modelling and accessing regulatory knowledge for computer-assisted compliance audit
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 317-336,
22 Marchant D
The design brief: requirements and compliance
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 337-353,
23 Hjelseth E
Classification of BIM-based model checking concepts
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 354-369,
24 Solihin W, Eastman C
A knowledge representation approach in BIM rule requirement analysis using the conceptual graph
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 370-401,
25 Preidel C, Borrmann A
Towards code compliance checking on the basis of a visual programming language
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 402-421,
26 Park S, Lee Y-C, J-K
Definition of a domain-specific language for Korean building act sentences as an explicit computable form
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 422-433,
27 Patacas J, Dawood N, Greenwood D, Kassem M
Supporting building owners and facility managers in the validation and visualisation of asset information models (AIM) through open standards and open technologies
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 434-455,
28 Jiang L, Leicht R M
Supporting automated constructability checking for formwork construction: an ontology
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 456-478,
29 Sacks R, Gurevich U, Shrestha P
A review of building information modeling protocols, guides and standards for large construction clients
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 479-503,
30 Lhee S C, Issa R R A, Flood I
Using particle swarm optimization to predict cost contingency on transportation construction projects
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 504-516,