ITcon Volume 12 (2007)

1 Johansson P and Kliger R
Knowledge reuse in the design of steel connections using 2D-CAD drawings
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 1-18,
2 Häkkinen T M
Sustainable building related new demands for product information and product model based design
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 19-37,
3 Nitithamyong P and Skibniewski M J
Key success/failure factors and their impacts on system performance of web-based project management systems in construction
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 39-59,
4 Fu C, Tah J, Aouad G, Kagioglou M and Zeisel J
Space-centred information management approach to improve CAD-based healthcare building design
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 61-71,
5 Cutting-Decelle A-F, Young B I, Das B P, Case K, Rahimifard S, Anumba C J and Bouchlaghem D M
A review of approaches to supply chain communications: from manufacturing to construction
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 73-102,
6 Eadie R, Perera S, Heaney G and Carlisle J
Drivers and barriers to public sector e-procurement within Northern Ireland’s construction industry
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 103-120,
7 Moselhi M and Alshibani A
Crew optimization in planning and control of earthmoving operations using spatial technologies
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 121-137,
8 Nassar K
Application of data-mining to state transportation agencies’ projects databases
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 139-149,
9 Brilakis I K
Long-distance wireless networking for site – office data communications
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 151-164,
10 Serpell A and Barai S V
Editorial on construction information technology in emerging economies
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 165-166,
11 Lee C C and Egbu C O
Information technology tools for capturing and communicating learning and experiences in construction SMEs in developed and developing countires
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 167-180,
12 Chan E H V and Liu C
Corporate portals as extranet support for the construction industry in Hong Kong and nearby regions of China
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 181-192,
13 Scheer S, Leusin de Amorim S R, Santos E T, Ferreira R C, Caron A M
The scenario and trends in the Brazilian IT construction applications’ experience
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 193-206,
14 Zhu Y and Wang Y
The organization of information standards in the Chinese construction industry
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 207-219,
15 Scheer S, Mendes Jr R, Quevedo J R S, Mikaldo Jr J, Fontoura P S
The necessary background for implementing and managing building design processes using web environments
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 221-230,
16 Ugwu O O and Kumaraswamy M M
Critical success factors for construction ICT projects – some empirical evidence and lessons for emerging economies
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 231-249,
17 Jacoski C A and Lamberts R
The lack of interoperability in 2D design– a study in design offices in Brazil
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 251-260,
18 Oladapo A A
An investigation into the use of ICT in the Nigerian construction industry
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 261-277,
19 El-MashalehM S
Benchmarking information technology utilization in the construction industry in Jordan
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 279-291,
20 Kamat V R and Martinez J C
Variable-speed object motion in 3D visualizations of discrete-event construction simulation models
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 293-303,
21 Uden L and Naaranoja M
The development of online trust among construction teams in Finland
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 305-321,
22 Tas E and Irlayici F P
A survey of the use of IT ın buıldıng product ınformatıon acquısıtıon ın Turkey
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 323-335,
23 Wikforss Ö and Löfgren A
Rethinking communication in construction
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 337-346,
24 Schevers H, Mitchell J, Akhurst P, Marchant D, Bull S, McDonald K, Drogemuller R and Linning C
Towards digital facility modelling for Sydney opera house using IFC and semantic web technology
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 347-362,
25 Wang X and Dunston P S
Design, strategies, and issues towards an augmented reality-based construction training platform
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 363-380,
26 Staub-French S and Khanzode A
3D and 4D modeling for design and construction coordination: issues and lessons learned
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 381-407,
27 Ingirige B and Sexton M
Intranets in large construction organisations: exploring advancements, capabilities and barriers
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 409-427,
28 Song Y, Hamilton A and Wang H
Built environment data integration using nD modelling
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 429-442,
29 Dimyadi J A W, Spearpoint M and Amor R
Generating fire dynamics simulator geometrical input using an IFC-based building information model
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 443-457,
30 Dolenc M, Katranuschkov P, Gehre A, Kurowski K and Turk Z
The InteliGrid platform for virtual organisations interoperability
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 459-477,